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Welcome to North Coast Therapy Solutions

We are a Paediatric Occupational Therapy Service, providing assessment and intervention for children on the Sunshine Coast. We also provide developmental and school readiness screenings, and workshops for parents and staff of local schools and childcare facilities. We’re located a few minutes north of Peregian Springs, and provide an informal, relaxed and happy atmosphere, where children have fun, and we listen and act on your concerns.

What is Occupational Therapy for Children?

The ‘occupations’ of a child include learning at home and school, playing, paying attention in class, and socialising as a friend and family member.
Disruption to these roles can occur through injury, illness or a developmental challenge.

We work with children who have mild learning difficulties, and also those with a diagnosed disability. We do this through evaluating and supporting the development of their cognitive and motor skills, and their sensory processing.
Our aim is to provide children and families with an individualised and evidence based Occupational Therapy program, and the support they need to develop functional skills.

This could include supporting the development of a child’s:

Personal Care Skills

Including mealtimes and toileting.

Gross Motor Skills

To develop the balance, strength and coordination for play and sport.

Fine Motor Skills

Including handwriting speed and legibility, hand strength and improved skills in using both hands together

Cognitive (thinking) Skills

Including attention, following instructions, planning and organizing.

Sensory Processing

Can they cope with the sensory information they are receiving from auditory (sound), tactile (touch), visual and movement stimuli.

Visual Perceptual Skills

The skills which help us understand, analyze, interpret
and remember what we see,
for reading and other areas of learning.