Commonly asked questions

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How do I know if Occupational Therapy is right for my child?

If you are concerned about your child’s development, we encourage you to chat with your child’s GP or Paediatrician, and your child’s kindy / child care provider or teacher. If you’re still concerned, send us an email or give us a call – we’re happy to informally chat with you, and are linked with many other professionals on the Sunshine Coast. We’ll point you in the right direction if OT is not the ‘best fit’ or highest priority.

How many sessions will my child need?

There are many variables which influence the number of sessions a child may need. Some children come to us with a very specific concern, which may be addressed in 6 sessions. Others children have complex developmental issues, which require attendance on and off over many months.

Do I stay with my child during the sessions?

Absolutely! Parents are encouraged to not only watch, but join in with treatment sessions. It’s about you learning new strategies for working with your child at home, and please give us feedback too. Think of it in terms of going to the gym – if you or I just went once a week or once a fortnight the benefit would be minimal. We’ll give you ideas of what to practice with your child at home in between OT visits, to get the most out of your time with us. Similarly, it’s great to have you stay during the initial assessment, so we can ask you questions, and tell you about our observations and have a discussion about what could be going on for your child. It’s a two-way process.

How much does therapy cost?

The assessment cost always includes a report and follow up phone consultation. Treatment costs vary depending on the length of treatment, and whether it’s delivered in our rooms, at your home, or at your child’s school. (Travel costs may be incurred.) Treatment costs also differ depending on whether it’s an individual or group program. Please phone or email us for current prices.

Is there any assistance available to help with the costs?

In addition to checking with your private health insurance provider, there are a number of Government initiatives to support families to access therapy for their child.

  • Chronic Disease Management Care Plan
    (formerly the Enhanced Primary
    Care Programme)

This programme is set up by your child’s GP and may be available to children who have complex and chronic health needs, which require involvement of at least three health care providers eg, GP, Occupational Therapist and Speech Language Pathologist. This will entitle you to 5 therapy sessions rebated by Medicare, per child per session. This needs to be set up prior to the first occupational therapy session, to ensure it’s registered with Medicare and the correct codes are placed on your receipt to claim your rebate. (This program will not cover the entire cost of the sessions.)

    Helping Children with Autism (HCWA) and the
    Better Start for Children with a Disability Initiatives. (BSI)

We are registered to treat children under the ‘Helping Children with Autism’ and ‘Better Start’ initiatives, for children aged up to seven years. For more information about these programs please refer to the Government websites:

Who we are registered with?

We are registered to treat children under the 'Helping Children with Autism' and 'Better Start' initiatives, for children aged up to seven years.
For more information about these programs please refer to the Government websites:

Please note the Better Start program eligibility has recently been expanded, and now includes the following diagnoses:

  • Down Syndrome
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Fragile X Syndrome
  • A moderate or greater vision or hearing impairment, including deaf-blindness.
  • Prader Willi Syndrome
  • Williams Syndrome
  • Angelman Syndrome
  • Kabuki Syndrome
  • Smith-Magenis Syndrome
  • CHARGE Syndrome
  • Cornelia de Lange Syndrome
  • ‘Cri du Chat Syndrome or Microcephaly.

Older children with an ASD may have their Occupational Therapy services subsidised, for assessment and intervention sessions. This programme can only be set up by your child's Paediatrician, with discussion required to determine how the assessment and 20 sessions will be distributed between professionals, and over what duration. The rebate will not cover all of your therapy costs.